Open Discussion: Citation

Open Discussion: Citation

This blog is an open discussion on citation in blog posts.  I’ll start with my comment first.  You add.

It is most important when citing in a blog post to give appropriate and thorough information to allow others to trace the path back to your source information.


Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Start in the Middle (In Medias Res)

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, right? Right. But, no one ever said they always have to be told in that order. Sometimes, the best place to start your story is smack dab in the middle, or even at the end. In fancy-schmancy literary terms, this is called in medias res, […]

What I Learned About Teaching, Teenagers, and Confidence From Going Viral

What I Learned About Teaching, Teenagers, and Confidence From Going Viral

A few weeks into the new school year, a post of mine was picked up by Education Week. I felt I was finally starting to reap the benefits the 10-years of teaching, commitment to improving the ever important “test scores,” as my stats show I have been successful at, and the hard work of writing about what I have learned would bring me. Until the post went viral, and my new readers considered me a monster. I believe one commenter said I was the very issue with education: old, bitter teachers who need to retire. A child advocacy group on Facebook even called me the kind of person who they fight against to protect their children from. I still stand behind my post, as it was on one issue in education regarding intrinsic motivation, rather than representing my teaching philosophy as a whole, a misunderstanding on the part of some of my commenters.  But, I can tell you I had no idea the “reward” for my time in the field, and work at blogging about my career, would lead me to the lowest feeling of self-worth since a peer picked on the size of my ears in 7th grade. Continue reading “What I Learned About Teaching, Teenagers, and Confidence From Going Viral”

Weekend Edition – Why I Blog, One Writer’s Convoluted Tale

Some ideas to help get your blog started. Think a little more about what kind of writing you want to do.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Blogging – Why I Do It & What It Does For Me

hands keyboardThis week’s Friday Fun post asked, “Why do you blog, and is it worth it?” It’s a valid question. Blogging can be a very time consuming pursuit. I spend an average of five hours each week planning, writing, and commenting here at Live to Write – Write to Live. That’s a pretty substantial chunk of time in my world, hours some might say I should spend working on other writing projects – a novel, a nonfiction book, a short story collection, etc. Though I sometimes worry that maybe those people are right, and my blogging habit is just an elaborate procrastination scheme, those moments of doubt don’t last long. I know there’s much more to my blogging than mere avoidance.

Anyway, since client deadlines kept me from chiming in on yesterday’s Friday Fun post, I wanted to take…

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5 Things That Surprised This English Teacher about Blogging

5 Things That Surprised This English Teacher about Blogging

I enjoy reading blogs.  Some degree of formality has been pushed aside to allow for entertainment value.  There’s a feeling of freedom to enjoy reading something for pleasure, rather than reading it because it was assigned.  The title I have forgotten, but I think it was a blog on how to grocery shop when pregnant that had me in stitches.  The woman added an anecdote about sneaking food and spilling coffee down her shirt as she shopped, later to realize her plan to buy groceries was flawed by her current state of gestation.  I realized I wanted to write like that: real, helpful to others, and witty.  But I wanted to be me, and record it in a way that best represented exactly who I was.  Not to mention that I just wanted to write and not be tied down by all of the writing rules. Continue reading “5 Things That Surprised This English Teacher about Blogging”