2:30 to Make It Count (revised)

I love her enthusiasm, both on the mat, and in the classroom!


It is time for cheerleading sectionals. Being a cheerleader is the most nerve wracking thing when it comes to competing. There aren’t words to describe the feeling in your stomach when the team standing in line before you goes out to perform, and you know in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it will be your turn. Next it is your turn to show the Section what you’ve worked for all season.
There are many things on your mind. You hope that you remeber all your spots, then you wonder what goes after jumps, you hope that your flyer does her best, you hope that the catch is flawless and high so that it doesnt hurt the flyer. Many stand asking “whats the cheer again?!” then one kindly reminds. There are different nervous habits that we have, gas, having to pee at the last minute, stomach aches, sweaty palms, numb toes…

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Going to States in Wrestling

Athletic and academic!


Sectionals: I met people I have never heard of. I had talked to them and became friends with them for the tournament. It was all good and happy till it is time to go out on to the mat and wrestle them. The weight class I wrestle in is always friendly towards each other. When it came to the time wrestle the people I had just met. The mood changes everything becomes hostile. My thought process changes to a more clear process of thinking. As I am warming up I feel every muscle in my body. The tension that I am using when I am bouncing from one foot to the other. As I continue to intensify my focus on my opponent. Letting all my emotions build up to as I get ready to wrestle.
Having a little fear in the back of my mind that he could beat me…

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Building My Race Car.

Proud of my students!


Two years ago I made the commitment to build a street stock race car with my grandpa.  Now, building a race car and maintaining it throughout a season is very challenging.  There are just about one million things to do before you can even drive the race car it feels.

Late nights out in the garage until 3:00am grinding on a bare frame rushing like mad men to get the car together so we could go racing, bending hundreds and hundreds of feet of steel tubing, fitting, tacking, and eventually welding the whole cage together.  Oh and I forgot to say that constructing the roll cage is the easiest part.  It’s the inner tin work, putting the motor and tranny in, front end alignment, and rear end installation that are the lengthy part. But that’s not even close to everything that needed to be done.

At times during the build…

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17 Year Old Coach


In the end of 2015 I volunteered to help the divers on the boys’ varsity swim team at my school. I needed ten hours of community service so I thought it would be a good idea to help the divers out since it was their first year of diving for each of them. I started going once or twice a week, then eventually almost every day and even Saturday practices! The boys didn’t have a coach this year and their team coach couldn’t do everything by himself so I decided to help him out. It ended up being a daily/normal thing for me to go to the pool every day after school. It eventually got to the point where I didn’t realize that I had gone over my ten hours of community service.

It actually made me happy to see the divers get annoyed when they were trying to learn…

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About Me

I feel like I have this challenge to do something worthwhile with my students’ remaining 100 days of High School English.  I have a genuine passion for my career of being a high school English teacher, which I realize makes me a nerd, but I can honestly say that I’m motivated to do something special with that 100 days.  One way I am going to work toward this goal is by using my blog to write to my students.  It will be a place to show them that their experiences with blogging and the writing process, and learning in general, are not that different than someone who has studied English in college for 6 years (bachelors and masters degrees), and has had a head start on the blogging situation.  This 30-something English teacher from a rural school district in New York State, who is also a wife, mother of 2 toddlers who keep me up at night, and avid crafter, wants to work on my connection with my students and my own writing by writing.   I am thankful you are also interested to read through my class’s journey through my posts to my blog, 100 days.  Stay tuned!WIN_20150910_095218