About Me

I feel like I have this challenge to do something worthwhile with my students’ remaining 100 days of High School English.  I have a genuine passion for my career of being a high school English teacher, which I realize makes me a nerd, but I can honestly say that I’m motivated to do something special with that 100 days.  One way I am going to work toward this goal is by using my blog to write to my students.  It will be a place to show them that their experiences with blogging and the writing process, and learning in general, are not that different than someone who has studied English in college for 6 years (bachelors and masters degrees), and has had a head start on the blogging situation.  This 30-something English teacher from a rural school district in New York State, who is also a wife, mother of 2 toddlers who keep me up at night, and avid crafter, wants to work on my connection with my students and my own writing by writing.   I am thankful you are also interested to read through my class’s journey through my posts to my blog, 100 days.  Stay tuned!WIN_20150910_095218


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