2:30 to Make It Count (revised)

I love her enthusiasm, both on the mat, and in the classroom!


It is time for cheerleading sectionals. Being a cheerleader is the most nerve wracking thing when it comes to competing. There aren’t words to describe the feeling in your stomach when the team standing in line before you goes out to perform, and you know in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, it will be your turn. Next it is your turn to show the Section what you’ve worked for all season.
There are many things on your mind. You hope that you remeber all your spots, then you wonder what goes after jumps, you hope that your flyer does her best, you hope that the catch is flawless and high so that it doesnt hurt the flyer. Many stand asking “whats the cheer again?!” then one kindly reminds. There are different nervous habits that we have, gas, having to pee at the last minute, stomach aches, sweaty palms, numb toes…

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