I’m Setting Down a Few of My Flaming Sticks

flaming stickIt’s so 21st century to juggle.  It’s all about the skill in maintaining at least 3 flaming sticks at one time.  At home I have 2 sticks with names–toddler 1 and 2, who always need more beverage (“I just poured you a glass of milk!”).  Sometimes I have a dog at my feet begging for food, an open refrigerator demanding I save energy, and a literal stick ablaze in my hand, stirring some Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Oh, now there’s a sizzling ding sound coming from my phone–a message from husband requesting something from his computer (“How do you turn this thing on again?”).  And it’s got me thinking: People, I’m setting down a few of my flaming sticks.  Watch where you step. Continue reading “I’m Setting Down a Few of My Flaming Sticks”