I’m Setting Down a Few of My Flaming Sticks

flaming stickIt’s so 21st century to juggle.  It’s all about the skill in maintaining at least 3 flaming sticks at one time.  At home I have 2 sticks with names–toddler 1 and 2, who always need more beverage (“I just poured you a glass of milk!”).  Sometimes I have a dog at my feet begging for food, an open refrigerator demanding I save energy, and a literal stick ablaze in my hand, stirring some Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Oh, now there’s a sizzling ding sound coming from my phone–a message from husband requesting something from his computer (“How do you turn this thing on again?”).  And it’s got me thinking: People, I’m setting down a few of my flaming sticks.  Watch where you step.

The work world loves the concept of multi-tasking, believe you me.  For the most part, I can actually juggle with confidence. You might even say I’m a regular juggling pro.  My issue is that there are some tasks that lend themselves to a few shuffles in the air.  I can take 3 tennis balls and show you my skills.  But there are some tasks that you simply should not make me do at the same time.  Meh, we’ll use multiple chainsaws for this juggling analogy.

It’s simply unfair to request me to juggle all the time.  My perfectionism is fighting back on this one.   I would like to execute some tasks independently from others, and I need you to understand that it’s only fair.  I truly want to do my best work, and in certain cases that means I have to do one thing at a time.  So beware: If you’re going to hand me a flaming stick, I may have to rest it by your feet for a few minutes.  I’m sure you understand; I have a chainsaw in my left hand.


Kimberly Nellist-Ortiz, 3/2017


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