What are others going through?

Someone give this kid an A+ for looking outside of herself. Good work, sweetheart!


It seems that although we pass through each-other’s lives every-day, we don’t ever take into consideration what another person is going through. We joke around and continue to act the usual way we’re used to, but we never think outside of the box. What if the person you think is genuinely happy, is actually depressed?

We need to understand that rather or not we want to treat others with decency, it’s a part of humanity. It isn’t difficult to treat someone with respect. We’re all human beings. What’s difficult for a person like me to grasp, is that someone will go through depressing and saddening situations, and yet be the absolute most positive person they can be. While we have others that will be cruel and evil (to a good person,) all because they found a reason to, when in all reality their life is stable. Apply yourself in the…

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Going for Green

So creative!! Well done!!

A Bloggers Life

When I grew older I realized that I could no longer live within the confinement of my hometown and that I had to move on to pursue bigger and better things. I decided to head for the big city in search of a new job. It was one of the longest drives of my life, just a big stretch of road seeming to head nowhere. But, eventually that nowhere became New York City. It was a hard life in the Big Apple, until the job of a lifetime opened up. It was a head position at one of the large companies in the city and I was fully qualified.

I was up all night during the week practicing and rehearsing what I was going to say during the interview for the position. It was a frustrating process, but eventually I got everything down. When interview time came I was so…

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The Taxi Ride

An Archery Blog

On a warm summer night I needed a ride from my place to a friends house. It took me almost 45 minutes to flag down a taxi, but, this began a night I would never forget. When I got in the taxi, the driver was a tall, skinny, man with shaggy brown hair. The taxi smelt of stale cigarettes and body odor.  I told him the address to my friends house and we left the curb side with a hard jolt and squealing tires. But other than the abrupt start the ride seemed normal, until he drove past my friends house. “Excuse me sir, that’s my stop.” I said. but he didn’t say anything. he didn’t try to slow down, turn around, in fact he just kept driving. I began to panic, “Sir, that is where I need to go!” again he had no reaction. I tried to open the door and jump…

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