The Taxi Ride

An Archery Blog

On a warm summer night I needed a ride from my place to a friends house. It took me almost 45 minutes to flag down a taxi, but, this began a night I would never forget. When I got in the taxi, the driver was a tall, skinny, man with shaggy brown hair. The taxi smelt of stale cigarettes and body odor.  I told him the address to my friends house and we left the curb side with a hard jolt and squealing tires. But other than the abrupt start the ride seemed normal, until he drove past my friends house. “Excuse me sir, that’s my stop.” I said. but he didn’t say anything. he didn’t try to slow down, turn around, in fact he just kept driving. I began to panic, “Sir, that is where I need to go!” again he had no reaction. I tried to open the door and jump…

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