What are others going through?

Someone give this kid an A+ for looking outside of herself. Good work, sweetheart!


It seems that although we pass through each-other’s lives every-day, we don’t ever take into consideration what another person is going through. We joke around and continue to act the usual way we’re used to, but we never think outside of the box. What if the person you think is genuinely happy, is actually depressed?

We need to understand that rather or not we want to treat others with decency, it’s a part of humanity. It isn’t difficult to treat someone with respect. We’re all human beings. What’s difficult for a person like me to grasp, is that someone will go through depressing and saddening situations, and yet be the absolute most positive person they can be. While we have others that will be cruel and evil (to a good person,) all because they found a reason to, when in all reality their life is stable. Apply yourself in the…

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