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In the end of 2015 I volunteered to help the divers on the boys’ varsity swim team at my school. I needed ten hours of community service so I thought it would be a good idea to help the divers out since it was their first year of diving for each of them. I started going once or twice a week, then eventually almost every day and even Saturday practices! The boys didn’t have a coach this year and their team coach couldn’t do everything by himself so I decided to help him out. It ended up being a daily/normal thing for me to go to the pool every day after school. It eventually got to the point where I didn’t realize that I had gone over my ten hours of community service.

It actually made me happy to see the divers get annoyed when they were trying to learn…

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About Me

I feel like I have this challenge to do something worthwhile with my students’ remaining 100 days of High School English.  I have a genuine passion for my career of being a high school English teacher, which I realize makes me a nerd, but I can honestly say that I’m motivated to do something special with that 100 days.  One way I am going to work toward this goal is by using my blog to write to my students.  It will be a place to show them that their experiences with blogging and the writing process, and learning in general, are not that different than someone who has studied English in college for 6 years (bachelors and masters degrees), and has had a head start on the blogging situation.  This 30-something English teacher from a rural school district in New York State, who is also a wife, mother of 2 toddlers who keep me up at night, and avid crafter, wants to work on my connection with my students and my own writing by writing.   I am thankful you are also interested to read through my class’s journey through my posts to my blog, 100 days.  Stay tuned!WIN_20150910_095218

Open Discussion: Citation

Open Discussion: Citation

This blog is an open discussion on citation in blog posts.  I’ll start with my comment first.  You add.

It is most important when citing in a blog post to give appropriate and thorough information to allow others to trace the path back to your source information.

Short and Sweet Advice for Writers – Start in the Middle (In Medias Res)

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, right? Right. But, no one ever said they always have to be told in that order. Sometimes, the best place to start your story is smack dab in the middle, or even at the end. In fancy-schmancy literary terms, this is called in medias res, […]